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Corporate Social Responsibility

Albatros Travel recognises its responsibility to not be a barrier, but to contribute positively to social, environmental and economic sustainable development in accordance with the UN Global Compact.

Travel with heart, mind and spirit

Albatros Travel Group has always focused on sustainability and accountability. Since the beginning of the 90’s, Albatros has experimented with sustainable forms of travel, which led to a focus on nature protection and responsible behavior on the destinations. Our approach is to focus on the areas, where we can make the greatest  direct positive impact in the local regions. In return, we also receive goodwill from the local communities. We are not philanthropists, but we are dedicated to making a difference.

KARM MARG is an organization that operates an orphanage in Faridabad outside Delhi for 60 children aged 4 to 18. The organization attaches great importance to the children becoming self-reliant. The older children, together with approx. 100 women from the local area, learn how to make environmentally friendly products for selling. Albatros supports Karm Marg by buying their fabric bags as a gift for all our guests in India. Our guests do not visit this orphanage, but they are informed about the organization and can support it by donating their remaining rupees after the tour.

WELVERDIEND is a small village close to Albatros’ two safari camps, Khoka Moya and Mantobeni. Many of the camp’s employees come from the local village and we educate them within the field of hotel service. We work closely with the village and have several times supported the village schools with new books and electronic teaching equipment. We have also built a new school building with room for a library and a computer room.

ANIMAL WELFARE is a priority for Albatros. We are involved in various nature conservation and research projects. We wish for wild animals to roam freely in nature, and therefore our travels do not have excursions, or similar activities where wild animals would be used for unnatural entertainment. We are currently placing emphasis on the protection of endangered rhinoceros in the areas around our camps. Here, we provide support like extra ranger monitoring and patrolling. We are also co-founders of the first rhino orphanage.