Head office in Copenhagen

About Albatros Travel

A Scandinavian travel company with a global wingspan, Albatros Travel has grown from a small office in Denmark to offices around the world.

'Albatros' is the Danish spelling of 'albatross' - the globe-trotting bird with the big wingspan! From safaris and cruises, to Arctic voyages and Adventure Marathons in the African bush, Albatros Travel spans the world with our unique packages.

From a small office in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company now employs more than 250 full-time staff in branches across three continents, with Albatros Travel India being the latest family in the Albatros Travel Group. Initially focused on Africa, Albatros Travel is a market leader in Scandinavia and offers tours and cruises throughout the world, as well as owning the Albatros Adventure brand that arranges and hosts marathons in exotic locations, such as the Greenland ice sheet, African savannah and the Great Wall of China.

Albatros Travel also has refitted luxury cruise ships that sail voyagers to the more isolated corners of the Arctic. A family company, Albatros Travel remains privately owned and has been awarded the AA credit rating for the financial security of its operations. 

All of our different business operations are united under the same set of principles that govern the Albatros Way: a commitment to quality, responsible travel and customer satisfaction.

Read about our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.

Our story

Albatros Travel is established by biologist Søren Rasmussen and starts with safari tours in Kenya.

Albatros Travel delves into adventure travel in Indonesia in particular. A support foundation for the Penan people of Borneo is established.

Albatros Adventure is formed.

Albatros Travel documents the fight against logging in Borneo. The footage is shown on ABC and NBC in the United States and on several TV stations in Europe.

China and Greenland are included as new destinations in the product portfolio. The Kenya office is established.

The same year, Albatros Travel develops ecoturism in Pusuaga, West Papua, Indonesia and holds the first ecoturism seminar with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Albatros Travel is awarded a European Travel award for sustainable travel.

Pioneers shark diving trips in South Africa and introduces hiking trips in Samburu, Kenya.

Albatros Travel celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Diving trips to Svalbard, ecoturism education and photography trips to Guyana, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Albatros Travel works with the Danish Government to save forests in Sabah, Borneo. Introduces diving trips to Antartica.

Bhutan and Mongolia are new destinations. 

The first Great Wall Marathon takes place. The South African branch is established.

The first and only Kilimanjaro Adventure Marathon is held. Participants hike to the top and run a marathon down and around the mountain! Only thirteen runners complete the race and Søren Rasmussen is one of them.

The first Polar Circle Marathon takes place in Greenland.

The Tanzanian branch is established.

The Great Wall Marathon is cancelled because of the SARS outbreak. The first trip to Danmarkshavn in east Greenland.

Albatros Travel starts its outbound operations in Sweden.

The Norwegian outbound business is established. The first Big Five Marathon is held in South Africa.

Albatros Travel acquires a Greenlandic shipping company, Arctic Umiaq Line with Topas and Profil Rejser, Ocean Nova liner. Albatros Travel opens an eco lodge, Karen Blixen Camp in Masai Mara, Kenya.

The first Petra Desert Marathon takes place (then Petra Marathon).

Albatros Travel brings the first tourists to Hans Island off the coast of West Greenland.

Albatros Travel celebrates its 25-year anniversary.

The China and India offices are established.

The first Bagan Temple Marathon takes place in Bagan, Myanmar.

Albatros Arctic Circle is established. Hotel Hvide Falk in Greenland website launched. Albatros Travel starts its outbound operations in Poland. Albatros Travel introduces individual travel.