Albatros Adventure Marathons

Adventure Marathons

Albatros Adventure Marathons arranges and hosts five annual running events around the world.

Our five Adventure Marathons are organised and arranged by our Albatros Adventure Marathons brand and are known for their challenging courses and their locations. Each race has its own distinct flavour. The Great Wall Marathon is our oldest race, founded in 1999, and one of our biggest brands. The Great Wall Marathon is widely recognised as one of the world's toughest foot races and has approximately 2,500 runners from over 60 nations at the start line each year.

Life-changing adventures around the worldThe Big Five Marathon, held in a private game reserve in South Africa, is an exhilarating marathon and half marathon event where participants run on the Africa savannah without fences separating them from the wildlife.

In September every year, the Petra Desert Marathon takes place in Jordan, with the race starting in the lost city of Petra. A beautiful course winds its way from Petra through the mountainous and desert landscape surrounding the city. From the dusty heat of the desert, we move to arctic tundra and temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. We're now in Greenland, just north of the Polar Circle, where one of our most exclusive marathon events takes place every October. Runners compete in a marathon, half marathon or a marathon and a half distances (over two days). 

In November, our latest marathon and half marathon event, the Bagan Temple Marathon takes place in the magical plains of Bagan in Myanmar. It is a real pleasure to offer this race to our runners as the country has been closed for many years. 

Albatros Adventure Marathons is owned and operated by Albatros Travel. Find out more: Find out more and have a look at the brochure.