Albatros Adventure Marathons

Albatros Adventure Marathons

Albatros Adventure Marathons hosts nine thrilling running events around the world.

Our nine Adventure Marathons are organised by our Albatros Adventure Marathons team and are known for their challenging courses and remarkable locations, several being UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

All our races are characterised by locations of exceptional natural beauty and historic significance. From the barren desert landscape of Jordan to the African savannah, from the epic Great Wall of China to the soundless icecaps of Greenland, the courses challenge novice and experienced runners alike!

Yet our races are never just about the Marathon. Alongside the race, the runners get the chance to explore each destination to the fullest with an extensive travel package, encounter its amazing locals and journey into places not often experienced by the public.

Read on to learn about all the Adventure Marathons we offer: 

The Great Wall Marathon is our oldest race, founded in 1999, and our biggest event. The Great Wall Marathon is widely recognised as one of the world's toughest races and hosts approximately 2,500 runners from over 60 nations each year. 

Icefjord Midnight Marathon premiered in 2021, and is located in the spectacular town of Ilulissat Greenland. Set in the summer, runners will get the unique opportunity to run past glittering glaciers under midnight sun, as they admire the UNESCO-accredited Disko Bay. 

The First Light Marathon is a spectacular and challenging trail race in Tairāwhiti Gisborne, Aotearoa New Zealand. Set in January every year, it is the perfect race to start off the year. Gisborne is known for seeing the world's first sunrise, it's a place where every step you take brings you closer to the dawn and the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

The Big Five Marathon, held in a private game reserve in South Africa, is an exhilarating marathon and half marathon event where participants run across the African savannah. No fences, no rivers, nothing at all separates the runners from the African wildlife. 

Iceland Volcano Marathon is held in the Northern Volcanic Zone of Mývatn, Iceland. It gives marathon and half-marathon runners the thrill of running across one of Earth’s geological hotspots, still very active! The route will include running along the edge of the massive Hverfjall crater.  It is a truly spectacular experience. 

Every September, Jordan comes alive with the thrilling Petra Desert Marathon, and the kick off line is none other than the awe-inspiring treasury of Petra itself! From there, a beautiful course winds its way through the Siq and into the vast desert, sporting mountainside carvings and ancient temples.

Our newest race, The Lost City Marathon takes place in the tropical paradise of Palenque, Mexico. The exciting and playful route follows jungle trails, majestic rivers, picturesque ranches and small villages surrounding the ancient Maya ruins of Palenque. Its a race through time, culture and ancient history!  

We then move on to the other side of the world! Introducing the Polar Circle Marathon—an event that epitomizes exclusivity and adventure. This extraordinary marathon unfolds on the vast Greenlandic Ice Caps, where temperatures plummet below freezing, and runners are surrounded by the mesmerizing blue and white ice sheets as far as the eye can see. Take on the challenge of a full or half marathon, or test your mettle with the Polar Bear Challenge, a marathon and a half over two consecutive days.

In November, our last marathon and half marathon event of the year, the Bagan Temple Marathon takes place in the magical plains of Bagan in Myanmar. Unfortunately we have had to postpone this race for the unforseeable future, due to the unstable political climate in the country, but we hope to be able to offer this race soon!



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