From polar bears, arctic foxes, humpback whales to numerous species of arctic birds, the Arctic is a veritable wildlife wonderland.

Greenland is home to many arctic land mammals as well as several species of whale. The famed polar bear is also a resident of this vast country with most of the population in the northerly parts of Greenland. The northeastern region of Greenland is also home to the world's largest national park. Birds such as the snowy owl, barnacle geese, great northern diver, eider ducks, ptarmigan and others can be found in this immense park along with marine mammals such as the ringed seal, bearded seal, narwhal and the Beluga whale. 

Large mammals such the musk ox are found in west Greenland as well as in the national park. Arctic hare, arctic fox, reindeer, arctic wolf and other species eke out a meagre living on the tundra.

The archipelago of Svalbard in northern Norway is also home to the polar bear, the Arctic's largest predator. Many species of arctic birds such as the arctic tern, puffins, arctic fulmar, barnacle geese and many more are also found in Svalbard. 

In terms of the flora, several endemic species have been discovered in Greenland. The only natural forest in Greenland is found in the Qinngua Valley where trees reach a height of approximately seven metres. Elsewhere, bushes are merely one metre or so tall. 

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