Privacy Policy

Your personal information belongs to you and it is important for Albatros Travel (AT) to protect the personal information you share with us.

The purpose of AT's personal data policy is to explain in a concise and transparent way how we collect, transfer, use and protect your personal information. Albatros has a clear ambition of minimizing the distribution of your personal information and creating a high degree of transparency in relation to the information being processed. This policy also aims at informing you of the rights you may make use of.

AT carries out all the handling of personal data in accordance with the applicable rules for processing personal data (GDPR and PDL). This Privacy Policy applies to all our customers, suppliers and associates.

About Albatros Travel Group
Albatros Travel Group is an international travel agency that specializes in group travels, accommodations, destination management and polar cruises. We have our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, from where we serve customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In addition, we have offices in Poland, USA, China and South Africa. Albatros is part of SRBW-holding, which includes the following companies:

Albatros Adventure Marathons, Albatros Africa, Albatros Expeditions, Albatros Arctic Circle and Hotel Hvide Falk. 

This privacy policy applies to these companies, but your primary contact is Albatros Travel.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or our processing of your personal information and rights, please contact us by writing to the following address:

Albatros Travel
Tøndergade 16
1752 København V

What is personal information?
Personal information covers all information that can be used to identify a natural person. For example, it may be first and last name, home address or other physical address, e-mail address or other contact information, whether they relate to their private residence or workplace.

What types of personal information do we handle and why?
The information collected may vary depending on whether you are a customer, supplier or collaborator, but generally, there will be information about customer administration, supplier administration, and AT’s obligations.

Please note that failure to provide personal information on your part may mean that AT will not be able to fulfill its obligations in relation to your customer or supplier relationship.

Information about our customers and how it is collected:
AT will typically collect the following information about our customers:

Namelist / Manifest:
When you book tours with AT, we collect personal information from your travel agency about you and any fellow travelers in order to complete your order. This is information such as the name, date of birth, age, gender and nationality. If the order includes children, we collect the same information, with your consent.

AT collects and processes only ordinary personal information. However, there may be cases when booking a trip, where it is necessary for us to collect and process sensitive personal information (e.g. information about special menus on your voyage, or information related to your health, such as wheelchair requirements), as well as information about CPR numbers (e.g. in connection to a visa application, where we need passport information). 

Without this information, we would not be able to provide the required services, as well as the necessary services associated with this personally sensitive information.

As a subscriber to our newsletter:
When you sign up to receive our newsletter, we register your name, country and e-mail address, where we e-mail afterwards our newsletters. We will save your email address for as long as you choose to continue receiving our newsletter services. You will always be able to unsubscribe by using the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

As a user of our websites:
We collect information on how to navigate on our websites and what searches are being made. We use the information to improve the presentation of our travel and services and to ensure the best experience for the user. The information is anonymous and not personally identifiable.

Information about our suppliers and partners 
(Not relevant to our customers)
We collect information from our suppliers and collaborators in connection with the completion of a delivery or cooperation agreement. 
This concerns the following information:

Contact information (Job Title, Names, Contact Information) Information you provide about your preferences in Marketing or Communication, and information you give us if you contact us with a question to report a problem, or when you contact us as part of our cooperation.

What do we use your personal information for?
AT processes your personal information in order to fulfill the purposes listed above. Note that not necessarily all cases apply to you. AT only deals with your personal information to the extent necessary for your customer, supplier or cooperative relationship (taking into account every interest in each case) and only in accordance with applicable law.

Albatros Travel legal basis for processing your personal information:
AT treats your personal information in accordance with the law. AT does not use your personal information to make decisions based solely on automatic processing, including profiling.

AT aims to ensure that the personal information we process is accurate and up to date. 

We therefore ask you to inform us of any changes to your personal information (e.g. change of address).

AT basically processes the information about you either based on consent, the conclusion of a travel agreement with AT, or to fulfill other legal obligations. This means that even if you withdraw your consent and the consent agreement expires, your personal information may still be available to us for other purposes. 

Mainly, we process your information to fulfill an agreement in which you are a party, such as a voyage. In addition, there may be situations where we process your personal information to pursue a legitimate interest, unless your interests take precedence over this. 

Customer Management
In order to provide the travel services you have booked with us, we use your personal information in different ways. The information is used to issue tickets and travel documents as well as to make hotel bookings and to pay for the services you have ordered. If you have ordered additional services, such as excursion packages, visas, extensions, and the like, the information is used in the same way to provide these services. In addition, it also includes the use of your information for accounting, settlement, auditing etc.

In addition, we use your personal information to provide you with service if you contact us with questions, comments or complaints. We use your name and billing number to identify you and your trip. 

We use your contact information, such as mail address and telephone number, in case of questions.

Use of cookies
On our websites, third-party cookies are used for different types of traffic measurement, statistical analysis, and marketing campaigns. These activities are conducted anonymously. 

Evaluation of our services
At AT we constantly evaluate our products and services in order to maintain high quality. Therefore, we use the information we collect from our customers after the trip in the evaluation schedule to develop and improve our travel and services. An anonymous evaluation of our travels is also displayed on our website.

This also applies to our marketing, where we analyze user behavior to develop how we present information and campaigns. In these cases, anonymous data will not be directly attributable to individuals.

Sharing personal information
AT discloses your personal information only to the extent that it is necessary to provide the services you have booked with us. AT does not disclose your personal information to partners or third parties so that they can use your information for direct marketing.

Suppliers of travel-related services
AT will typically dispense personal information to the following recipients when booking a trip and related products and services:

Travel Systems:
A GDS is an IT network system owned or operated by a company that allows transactions between travel industry service providers, mainly airlines, hotels, car rental companies and travel agents. A GDS connects services, prices and booking by consolidating products across the three travel sectors, i.e. flight reservations, hotel reservations and car rental. At AT we use Amadeus.

Internal IT-system:
At AT we handle personal information in several internal IT systems. This is our customer database and sales system. These systems are designed to provide the services you have ordered with us, and these systems are designed to handle the personal information we collect.

AT discloses personal information to airlines when booking your trip. 

For the purpose of booking your flight, we will typically provide information such as name, departure airport, destination, date of departure and arrival, and special requests for your trip, including booking of special menus during the flight and if applicable, special assistance requirements on the plane or at the airport of the chosen airline.

In addition, when traveling to special destinations, we might provide information about your passport number to the airline.

Hotels & Cruise lines:
AT passes personal information to the hotels that you will use on your trip. For the purpose of booking your accommodation, we will typically provide information about name, destination, date of arrival and departure, room category, customized wishes in connection with your trip, including booking of special diets during the hotel stay and possibly, special assistance requirements during the hotel stay in connection with disability or illness.

Port agents and Operators: 
AT passes personal information to shipping companies if you are going on a ship journey as part of your trip (e.g. for daytrips to famous tourist attractions, cruises, etc.). For the purpose of booking your ship reservation, we will typically provide information such as name, destination, itinerary, date and time of departure and arrival, as well as special wishes for the cruise, including booking of special menus during the cruise journey and possibly, special assistance requirements due to disability or illness.

Travel and incoming agents:
If you as part of your trip are to participate in excursions or need a transfer, AE can pass personal information to travel agents. The travel agent is responsible for arranging that excursion or transfer when ordering the desired services with local suppliers at the destination. For bookings of your excursions, transfers, etc. we typically provide information about the name, date and time of arrival and / or departure, destination and special requests for the transfer or excursion, including the ordering of special menus and, if applicable, special assistance requirements due to disability or illness.

Travel guides and English-speaking guide:
AT voyages are with English-speaking expedition staff with extensive experience from the area being visited. All expedition staff are carefully selected.
The expedition staff has the task of guiding you through your journey and helping along the way. In order to do this, we typically provide information about the name, date and time of arrival and / or departure, destination and special requests for the transfer or the excursion, including ordering of special menus and, if applicable, special assistance requirements due to disability or illness.

International transfers of your personal information
Since we operate to the whole world, some of our partners (like hotels, port agents and airlines) are outside the EU / EEA area. This means that personal information can be transferred to partners in these countries when it is necessary to deliver the service you have ordered. If your trip goes to a country outside of the EU / EEA, it is a prerequisite that AT has the ability to transfer personal data to book flights, hotels, etc. at your travel destination. 

Whatever country AT ends your personal information to, AT is committed to ensuring that a high level of protection is maintained for your personal data.

In the event that it is practically possible for us, the transfer of your personal data will be based on the standard transfer contracts developed by the European Commission, specially prepared for this purpose. As far as shipments to the United States are concerned, they will as far as possible be done on the basis of Privacy Shield. Privacy Shield is an agreement between the EU and the United States which, among other things, establishes a strong set of data protection rules and security measures that US affiliates adhere to are obliged to comply with when processing personal data.

However, in certain cases it will not be practical for AT to enter into a standard transfer contract or use Privacy Shield as a legal transfer basis. In such cases, the transfer of the information will be carried out pursuant to Article 49 (1) (b) of the Data Protection Regulation, as the transfer of your personal data to that country is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the contract between you and AT (i.e. in connection with your journey) .

If you do not want AT to send your personal information to recipients outside of the EU / EEA when booking your travel, please inform us the latest by the time you’re booking your trip. Just be aware that if your trip goes to a country outside the EU / EEA, it is a prerequisite for AT to transfer personal data to complete your trip.

AT does not, in any event, pass your personal information to recipients outside of the EU / EEA unless this is necessary in order to meet your wishes, for example, by delivering the booked trip to you.

Data Integrity
Personal data are stored for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are collected, unless the storage is required to comply with national legal requirements. This applies, i.a, to statutory storage periods in connection with bookkeeping and the possibility of complaint, etc.

At AT we save your personal information and travel history for 5 years from the date of return on your last trip, starting from booking date. The information is stored in our customer database. We will always ensure that your personal information is deleted in a safe manner

If you are subscribed to our newsletter, we will save your contact information as long as you choose to continue to receive the newsletter.

Personal data collected in connection with fairs and the like is stored for 3 months after the event.

AT has implemented a number of technical and organizational safeguards to protect your personal information against abuse. We evaluate ongoing risks in our processing of personal data and take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk. The safety measures are reviewed on a continuous basis and revised in accordance with technological developments.

In addition, we have implemented access control in a wide range of our systems, so that only employees with a work-related need have access to personal data. We continuously provide training for our employees and have prepared and implemented a wide range of procedures to ensure that processing of personal data is in accordance with the principles of personal rights. In addition, all of Albatros’ employees are subject to professional secrecy, so you can be sure that your information is treated confidentially.

Your rights
You have a number of rights under applicable data protection legislation:

You are entitled to request that the information about you be deleted or corrected. You also have the right to request that the processing of your personal information be limited to specific purposes and for example, not be used for direct advertising or so-called profiling.

In addition, you have the right to withdraw your consent for processing your personal information. If you wish, we will delete your personal information and discontinue the treatment that was covered by your consent.

If you wish to make use of these rights, please contact us through the contact information found in this Privacy Policy, under the "Contact Information" section.

You also have the right to gain access to the personal data that Albatros has registered about you. This is done by sending a written request for registry withdrawal to the address you find at the top of this Privacy Policy in the "Contact Information" section. The request should be made in writing per. letter as it must contain your signature. In the request we need your name, contact information and also the invoice number of your previous travel. Notice the letter "Request for personal data extraction".

If you wish to complain about AE processing of your personal information, please contact:

Borgergade 28, 5.
1300 København K

AT is constantly evaluating and updating this Privacy Policy. Therefore, you should check it regularly for any changes that may affect our processing